Working with Industry

In order for the NPIS to provide accurate advice on the treatment and management of patients exposed to consumer products, reliable information on the composition of these products is necessary. Manufacturer's SDS also provide information for updating TOXBASE, enabling end-users to obtain specific advice on many common products. All NPIS staff have 24/7 access to the NPIS Product Data Centre.

NPIS Product Data Centre

The National Poisons Information Service (Birmingham Unit) acts as the appointed body for the voluntary submission of safety data sheets (SDS) in the UK. NPIS (Birmingham Unit) is responsible for the NPIS Product Data Centre and for liaising with manufacturers to ensure that SDS data held is up-to-date. In 2019/20, 24,000 SDS were added to the NPIS Product Data Centre which now holds over 281,000 SDS. The database is indexed by product name, manufacturer and date of SDS. It is also fully text searchable, which enables searches to be made on any other criteria. The data held within these SDS enables the NPIS to provide accurate advice on the treatment and management of patients exposed to consumer products.

Information for manufacturers wishing to submit safety data sheets

The UK Government has stated that, "The emergency telephone number in section 1.4 of the safety data sheet should give access to advice for product users in case of problematic exposure. The advice should preferably be given by an appropriate person from the supplier, or from an organisation contracted by the supplier for this purpose. However, suppliers may wish to also include in section 1.4 the recommendation that the enquirer should call NHS 111 or a doctor."

To submit safety data sheets please email

SDS submission to the NPIS is currently a voluntary process. Receipt of SDS is provided by email confirmation. An official certificate of notification can be provided by the NPIS, but will incur an administrative charge. Please contact for further information.

Registration of biocidal or related products

Enquiries should be directed to the Health and Safety Executive: